adjective (not before noun)
1 NOT DEAD still living and not dead: It was a really bad accident - they're lucky to be alive. | None of my grandparents are alive now. | stay alive (=continue to live): They managed to stay alive by eating berries and roots. | keep sb alive: He's being kept alive on a life-support machine.
2 CHEERFUL active and happy; feel alive: It was the kind of morning when you wake up and feel really alive.
3 STILL EXISTING continuing to exist: Ancient traditions are still very much alive in rural areas. | keep sth alive: fighting to keep our academic institutions alive.
4 come alive
a) if a situation or event comes alive it becomes interesting and seems real: For me the play only came alive in the final act.
b) if someone comes alive they start to be happy and interested in what is happening: It was as if she came alive when she sat down at the piano.
c) if a town or city etc comes alive it becomes busy: seaside resorts that come alive in the summer.
5 bring sth alive to make something interesting: Plays need the sound of human voices to bring them alive.
6 be alive and well
a) to be healthy and enjoy life
b) informal humorous to be popular and successful: The mini skirt is alive and well in Paris this year.
7 be alive and kicking to be very healthy and active: "How's your father nowadays?" "Oh, still alive and kicking."
8 be alive to to realize that something is happening and that it is important: The company is alive to the threat posed by foreign imports.
9 be alive with to be full of people, animals, or things that are moving: a tree trunk alive with ants
-see also: skin sb alive skin 2 (3)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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